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Earwax Removal for Tinnitus

Suffering from hearing loss or ear discomfort in addition to your tinnitus? It might be earwax.

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Benefits of Removing Earwax

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Relieve Tinnitus

Safely removing earwax can offer relief from ringing, buzzing, and other tinnitus sounds.

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Hear Clearly

Earwax blockage can cause temporary hearing loss. Removing the blockage may solve the issue.

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Reduce Issues

Removing earwax can reduce discomfort such as dizziness, itchiness or balance issues.

How Does Ótologie Remove Wax from Ears?

Using the cutting-edge Tympa system, our specially trained clinicians will check for excess wax build up and gently remove it if required.

The Tympa system uses micro-suction and is the standard of care for wax removal. Tympa is safer than other methods such as irrigation. Once any wax has been removed from your ear(s), we will assess your hearing and tinnitus to determine if the removal has solved the issue or if you require further treatment.

Earwax Removal FAQs

  • What is Earwax?

    Earwax is a naturally occurring substance secreted in the ear canal. Earwax has many benefits such as cleaning and protecting the ear canal. However, when earwax builds up and causes a blockage of the ear canal it may lead hearing loss, tinnitus, fullness or itching.

  • Why Get Earwax Removed?

    Did you know wax build up can cause tinnitus? This is because it can stop some of the sound input getting to your auditory system, causing your brain to compensate for that sound, leading to tinnitus.

    Wax can also affect your hearing at any stage during your life. That’s why when you experience things like hearing loss, an earache, some discomfort, loss of balance or dizziness, it’s important to have your ears and hearing checked.

    There’s no need to worry – it could just be wax build-up in our ears. Using the latest in wax removal technology, Ótologie’s audiologists will quickly and efficiently remove any excess wax from your ears which may be negatively impacting your hearing or contributing to your tinnitus.

  • How is Earwax Removed?

    Òtologie’s specially trained clinicians will remove the ear wax using the advanced technology of the Tympa system. Removing earwax with the Tympa System uses a high-powered microscope to provide a clear view of the ear canal and a specially designed small vacuum to remove the earwax in a safe and effective manner.

  • Do I Need to Prepare for Wax Removal?

    To prepare for earwax removal, we advise that you use ear drops such as Earol for 5-7 days before the wax removal appointment. Ear oil softens and loosens wax making it easier for the audiologist to remove.

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Our team are available to provide earwax removal in our clinic at The Hermitage, Dublin.

  • Earwax Removal: €70

Use our calendar to book your wax treatment session for a time that suits you. Sessions last 45 minutes.

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