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Tinnitus UK – Membership Offer

Tinnitus UK members can receive 10% off the cost of Lenire at Ótologie Tinnitus Care as part of their membership.

Offer details: 

10% off the cost of Lenire at Ótologie Tinnitus Care.

What’s included? 

The total price includes the Lenire device, one fitting appointment and two follow-up appointments with an audiologist who specialises in tinnitus treatment. 

How do I avail of this offer: 

The first step towards starting treatment with Lenire is to complete an assessment with our Lenire partner clinic, Ótologie Tinnitus Care. During your assessment, the audiologist will advise whether Lenire is suitable for your tinnitus, or whether another treatment plan is recommended.  

Assessments can be carried out via video call from the comfort of your own home, or in the Ótologie clinic at the Hermitage, Dublin, Ireland.  

You can book your assessment here: https://www.otologie.com/how-to-book/ 

Do I need a special code? 

You do not need any code to book your assessment. If you decide to proceed with Lenire following your assessment, you should tell one of the Ótologie team members that you are a Tinnitus UK member, quote the reference code TINNITUSUK10 and provide your membership number. They will then confirm your membership details with the Tinnitus UK team and provide you with the discounted rate for Lenire.   

What does the tinnitus assessment involve? 

An audiologist will check your medical and tinnitus history, evaluate the impact of your tinnitus using subjective tinnitus measures, and review your audiometric test results to make a treatment recommendation for you, which may include Lenire, Tinnitus Therapy, hearing aids or a combination. 

For online assessments, you will need to obtain an audiometric test from a local provider and send on the results ahead of your appointment.

See more information about assessment pricing here.

Terms and conditions: 

This offer is only available for those with an active Tinnitus UK membership. The 10% discount applies to the cost of Lenire only, it is not applicable to the cost of the tinnitus assessment or any other treatment from Ótologie Tinnitus Care. This offer is only available from Ótologie Tinnitus Care, it does not apply at any other Lenire partner clinic.


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