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Ótologie's Tinnitus Treatments

Discover our full range of Treatments for Tinnitus. Our expert audiologists will evaluate your symptoms and recommend a plan that's right for you.

Neuromod Medical tinnitus assessment

Lenire Tinnitus Treatment Device

Lenire® is an evidence-based medical device that delivers mild electrical pulses to the tongue combined with sound played through headphones to reduce the symptoms of tinnitus.


Customised sounds are played through Bluetooth® headphones to activate the auditory nerve.


Mild and safe energy pulses are delivered to the surface of the tip of the tongue to activate nerves to the brain.

The Lenire Controller

A lightweight, handheld device that controls the time and intensity of the treatment

Tinnitus Therapy

Tinnitus Therapy helps people with bothersome tinnitus improve their quality of life​ by decreasing the day-to-day stress their tinnitus causes and by reducing the attention they pay to it. Therapy will help you develop techniques to understand and reduce the attention you pay to your tinnitus. While you may still hear sounds, they may not impact your day-to-day life as much.

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Hearing aids for Tinnitus

Tinnitus and hearing loss are closely linked. Hearing loss is a common cause of tinnitus as it effects the auditory input to your brain. This can lead to unwanted activity in your brain. Sometimes this results in tinnitus as the brain compensates for changes in the inputs it is used to.

People’s individual experience of tinnitus can differ greatly but improving your hearing with hearing aids can help to soothe your tinnitus symptoms.

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Wax build up can cause Tinnitus

Using the cutting-edge Tympa system, our experts will check for excess wax build up and, if it is present, will gently remove it.

The Tympa system uses microsuction, the gold standard of wax removal and is safer than other methods such as irrigation. Once any wax has been removed from one or both your ears, we will assess your hearing and tinnitus. This will determine if the removal has solved the issue or if you require further treatment.

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Talk to our experts, get assessed, and start treatment from the comfort of home. Our technology allows us to provide a high standard of care via video call to patients throughout Europe.


Prefer meeting your clinician face-to-face? Visit our clinic in Dublin for an assessment and start treatment quickly.

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