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Tinnitus Therapy

Navigate life with tinnitus with one-to-one therapy.

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What is Tinnitus Therapy?

Tinnitus Therapy is a form of therapy designed to decrease the attention a patient pays to their tinnitus, which aims to change a patient’s attitude to their tinnitus and minimise its impact on their life.

Tinnitus Therapy provides a supportive and non-judgemental environment so the patient can discuss their tinnitus and, guided by the therapist, develop an understanding of their tinnitus and techniques to change their thought processes, behaviours, and feelings related to it.

Personalised Approach

We recognise that everyone’s experience of tinnitus is different. Tinnitus is a complex condition which affects the emotional, attentional, and behavioural centres of the brain. Therefore each treatment plan for Tinnitus Therapy is tailored to you, integrating different therapeutic approaches from cognitive behavioural therapy, humanistic therapy, and more. This provides the best outcome for you to manage your tinnitus day-to-day.

Why Should I Try Tinnitus Therapy?

Tinnitus Therapy helps people with bothersome tinnitus improve their quality of life​ by decreasing the day-to-day stress their tinnitus causes and by reducing the attention they pay to it. Therapy will help you develop techniques to understand and reduce the attention you pay to your tinnitus. While you may still hear sounds, they may not impact your day-to-day life as much.

Where Is Tinnitus Therapy Available?

Tinnitus Therapy is available from Ótologie with our qualified clinicians who specialise in therapy for tinnitus. You can talk to our team directly about participating in Tinnitus Therapy or we may recommend it as a treatment for you after a Tinnitus Assessment with our audiology team. Find out more about Tinnitus Therapy and other treatment options by booking a free call with our team.


Participate in your therapy sessions from the comfort of home via video call. As our Tinnitus Therapy is one-to-one therapy between you and your therapist, all you need is a reliable internet connection.


Prefer to travel to our clinic and meet your therapist in person? Whichever your prefer, you can get started in days.

Tinnitus Therapy FAQs

  • Is this therapy specifically for tinnitus?

    Our Tinnitus Therapy is provided by qualified therapists specifically trained in therapy for tinnitus. Your treatment plan will include different therapeutic approaches from behavioural and humanistic therapies specifically designed for tinnitus.

  • How long is each therapy session?

    Each Tinnitus Therapy session between you and your therapist lasts for one hour, to allow you enough time to make progress on the techniques to better understand your tinnitus and your thought processes related to it.

  • What happens at each therapy session?

    You’ll meet with your therapist one-to-one for each session. This means your therapist will lead a guided discussion about your tinnitus to help you better understand your condition. The discussion will be tailored based on your individual experience with tinnitus to best suit your needs.

  • How many sessions will I need?

    Generally, at least six sessions are recommended. However, as each patient is different, your therapist will be able to discuss your individual treatment plan in more detail.

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