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Initial Tinnitus Assessment

Understand your tinnitus and get a personalised treatment plan.

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Understanding Your Tinnitus Experience

Tinnitus varies from person to person. Òtologie have assessed thousands of patients with an approach that helps us fully understand how tinnitus affects you so our team can create a personalised treatment plan.

Online and In-Clinic Tinnitus Assessments include:

  • Diagnostic / Review Audiological Assessment
  • Tinnitus Assessment
  • Tinnitus Education and Guidance
  • Personalised Treatment Recommendation

Patients must complete Health Screening Questionnaire(s) via phone, email, or in-clinic. This helps us assess treatment option suitability and create a personalised plan for you.

Prescribing the Best Treatment for You

After your assessment, our clinicians will recommend the most suitable treatment option.


Lenire is a CE-Marked, FDA Approved tinnitus treatment device that is proven to long term relief from tinnitus in large clinical trials. Òtologie creates a personal plan with the device after your tinnitus assessment.

Tinnitus Therapy

Work with a qualified therapist who specialises in supporting tinnitus patients. Understand your condition and develop techniques that will reduce the impact of tinnitus on your day to day life.

Hearing Aids for Tinnitus

Òtologie provides a range of hearing aids which improve your hearing and can soothe tinnitus. Our team can recommend the best hearing aid(s) for you and fine tune to your hearing profile after your assessment.

Hassle Free Assessment In-Clinic or Online

Òtologie’s technology-led service guarantees a high standard of care whether you are assessed in-clinic or online.

Òtologie has no waiting list and patients can self-refer. Get the specialised tinnitus care you need without the hassle.

Book Your Tinnitus Assessment

Start your journey with us. Talk to our team about a tinnitus assessment.

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