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Patient Stories

When did you notice a difference in your tinnitus?

“About a month after I started using the device every day, I woke up one morning and thought 'there's something wrong'...and it was gone.”

  • NamePatricia
  • Duration using Lenire12 weeks

Do people understand what it means to have tinnitus?

“I don't think anybody understands how tinnitus affects your life....
Some days it can be very hard. It’s very hard to relax. It’s very hard to enjoy life sometimes”

  • NameNiall
  • Duration using Lenire12 weeks

How has Lenire changed your mindset about tinnitus?

“I feel like it's now something I have control over.”

  • NameHugh
  • Perceived cause of tinnitusStress and loud music exposure
  • Duration using Lenire12 weeks

Did you have any difficulty using Lenire?

“The device was very easy to use... When I saw it first I was a bit wary but then when I used it, it was very simple. ”

  • NameDorothy
  • Perceived cause of tinnitusUse of earphones over time
  • Duration using Lenire12 weeks

How has tinnitus affected you?

“I wouldn’t go to parties or things like that in pubs and nightclubs…that had loud exposure or loud music….I just couldn’t do it.”

  • NameNoel
  • Age42
  • Duration using Lenire6 weeks
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