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Webinar: What treatment options do people with tinnitus have?

To mark Tinnitus Week 2022, our specialist audiology team at Ótologie Tinnitus Care hosted a webinar which was attended by people living with tinnitus, as well as those interested in the condition, across Europe.

This webinar, entitled ‘Living with tinnitus: What are the treatment options?’, helped attendees to better understand their tinnitus; provided them with practical advice for how to best manage their tinnitus; and detailed the various treatment options available to them.

This lively session, which included an interactive Q&A session at the end, was delivered by Ótologie’s specialist audiologists Helen MacMahon and Clodagh Kelly.

You can now watch the full session on-demand below. The points on the agenda for this webinar, were:

  • What is tinnitus?
  • When should you speak to a healthcare professional if you have tinnitus?
  • What treatment options are available and why different treatments are recommended to different patients.
  • Day-to-day tips for managing your tinnitus

If you think the information was valuable, please feel free to share this with any family members or friends who have tinnitus.

At Ótologie, our mission is to build an effective and patient centric service to provide ground-breaking tinnitus care that improves the lives of people suffering from this condition. An important part improving people’s quality of life is providing them with practical, useful and accessible information about tinnitus and how they can best manage theirs.

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