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Introducing Ótologie: We’ve rebranded from Neuromod Medical

From January 10th 2022, Neuromod Medical will be known as Ótologie.

Neuromod Medical has rebranded to Ótologie. Here’s what it means for our current patients and our mission to provide efficient and effective care for tinnitus.

There are two predominant healthcare challenges affecting treatment for people with tinnitus. One of those is how fast they can access specialist care. In many countries, waiting list times for ENT and audiology specialists are significant with many tinnitus patients referred to these services by their GPs. The other challenge is that there is no single “cure” for tinnitus. This means that once someone with tinnitus meets to their ENT or audiologist after their period on a waiting list, there may not be a treatment option the ENT or audiologist can prescribe.

In 2019 our team set out to tackle these challenges by opening Neuromod Medical as a specialist clinic for tinnitus in Dublin to provide the Lenire tinnitus treatment device to patients and establish world class guidelines for the assessment and treatment of tinnitus. This followed Neuromod’s scientific and research efforts with the Lenire device demonstrating in large scale clinical trials that it could reduce the symptoms of tinnitus. Since then, we have engaged with thousands of patients, successfully treating many with Lenire.

However, we cannot treat every patient with tinnitus using Lenire. This could be because their hearing range is not compatible with the device’s sounds or they are contraindicated (a contraindication is a specific situation in which a drug, procedure, or surgery should not be used because it may be harmful to the person, for example if they have an underlying health condition which prevents us from prescribing Lenire).

But it has always been our ambition to offer treatment to as many people with tinnitus as possible from a dedicated service. Therefore for some time, we have been working to expand our range of proven treatments. This has seen us introduce Tinnitus Therapy and hearing aids suitable for people with tinnitus as treatment offerings our clinicians can prescribe.

In 2021 we also piloted a telehealth service to provide treatment to people with tinnitus throughout Europe. Our telehealth service, which complemented our in-clinic treatment, allowed patients to avoid waiting lists and access care from our qualified clinicians. Due to its success, we took the decision to permanently establish the service so we can offer quick access to care either in-clinic or online, according to our patients’ preferences.

Combining our expansion of treatments and our introduction of telehealth alongside our clinic, we believe we are best placed to tackle the two predominant challenges facing tinnitus care by providing effective treatments efficiently. So, we have rebranded to Ótologie, allowing us to offer all of our services under one name.

To facilitate this, our clinic at The Hermitage in Dublin has been renamed from Neuromod Medical to Ótologie. If you’re a current patient with Neuromod Medical, there’s nothing you need to worry about. Our name and contact details have changed and we can now offer you an expanded range of treatments but we’re still the same committed team of trained audiologists, psychotherapists, and specialists working with you to better manage your tinnitus.

Establishing Ótologie is one step forwards in our mission to provide efficient and effective care for tinnitus and there will be many more to come. If you are interested in finding out how we could help, book your call with us and if you wish to proceed, you can start treatment in days.

Lia Bresnihan
Managing Director, Ótologie

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