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Effective & Efficient Care For Your Patients

Refer your patients to a team you can trust.

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Do you worry about your tinnitus patients?

At Ótologie, we can help. We’re a specialist service for tinnitus care trusted by thousands of patients to improve their quality of life. As the team behind Neuromod and Lenire®, we have extensive experience treating tinnitus.

We established Ótologie to provide a wide range of treatments from one service so we can meet the personalised standard of care that many tinnitus patients reqiure. Our technology-led service allows us to offer access to assessment and treatment within days through telehealth or in-clinic appointments.

GPs, ENTs and Audiologists put their trust in us to provide effective care to their tinnitus patients. You can too.

Why Ótologie

Ótologie provides quick access to tinnitus care and personalised treatment plans for each individual patient. Our team follows a defined approach to treatment, incorporating best practice clinical guidelines and the experience of working with thousands of patients.

We offer online and in-clinic assessments and treatment plans that can include tinnitus therapy, the Lenire device or hearing aids.

We will provide your patient with the expertise they need to make an informed decision about their treatment and prescribe a treatment plan that fits into their lives.

Refer your patient for quick access to tinnitus care

Who we are

We’re a team of audiologists and therapists working to improve the lives of the many people who live with tinnitus. Each of our healthcare professionals have specialist training and extensive experience treating the condition.​​

Meet the team

Refer Your Patients

You can make a referral to our patient coordinator team at the contact information below:

Email: refer@otologie.com

Post: Ótologie, Suite 36, Hermitage Medical Clinic, Old Lucan Rd, Dublin, D20 W722

Phone: +353 1 253 1448

Alternatively, your patient can submit their own request at otologie.com/how-to-book/

FAQ for Healthcare Professionals

  • Can I receive updates about my patient’s treatment?

    Absolutely. If you leave your contact details when you are referring your patient we will provide you with an update about their treatment and any next steps.

  • What is the Lenire tinnitus treatment device?

    Lenire is a medical device that uses bimodal neuromodulation to provide sustainable relief from tinnitus symptoms. It has been clinically proven in trials involving more than 500 people. You can learn more about the Lenire tinnitus treatment device here.

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