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Lenire is clinically proven to provide long-term relief from tinnitus.

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What is Lenire?

Lenire (len-ear) combines sound therapy with mild tongue pulses and is clinically proven to provide long term tinnitus relief.

Bluetooth Headphones

Custom sounds are played through Bluetooth® headphones to stimulate the auditory nerve.

Lenire Tonguetip

Mild pulses on the surface of the tip of the tongue to activate nerves to the brain.

Lenire Controller

A handheld device that controls the time and intensity of the treatment within a set limit.

How Does Lenire Soothe Tinnitus?

Lenire combines mild tongue pulses with sound stimulation that retrains the brain to reduce attention and sensitivity to tinnitus.

91% of patients in a large-scale clinical trial gained sustained relief from tinnitus for 12 months after completing treatment.

Patient Stories

How has tinnitus affected you?

“It can be very bad at night-time or in the morning, that’s when it’s at its worst.”

Edward, Clinical Trial Participant

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How has tinnitus affected you?

“I wouldn’t go to parties or things like that in pubs and nightclubs…that had loud exposure or loud music….I just couldn’t do it.”

Noel, Clinical Trial Participant

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Did you have any difficulty using Lenire?

“The device was very easy to use… When I saw it first I was a bit wary but then when I used it, it was very simple. ”

Dorothy, Clinical Trial Participant

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Lenire Includes

  • Lenire (Controller, Tonguetip and Headphones)
  • Lenire Device Fitting (In-Clinic or Online)
  • 3 Follow-Up Assessments (In-Clinic or Online)
  • Flexible Support and Continued Tinnitus Care
  • 3-Year Warranty for Lenire

*Lenire is non-refundable and must be purchased with a single up-front payment.

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Personalised Treatment Plans

If your are suitable for Lenire, our team will discuss the device, treatment plan and price with you. All appointments (initial assessment, fitting, follow ups) can be attended in-clinic or online.

Our treatment plan advises daily home use of the device. Lenire should be used for two calming 30-minute sessions per day (can be back to back).

Lenire Treatment Plan

What Does Your Treatment Plan Require From You?

  • Commitment to use Lenire for two 30-minute sessions per day as recommended.
  • Commitment to attending all scheduled visits to ensure the best possible results.
  • Commitment to advised tinnitus management strategies recommended by the Òtologie team.
  • Replace the Tonguetip® after 180 hours of use if required.

Lenire FAQs

  • How effective is Lenire?

    Lenire is proven across three clinical trials to reduce the severity of tinnitus.

    • TENT-A1 (Trial 1): 86.2% of compliant trial patients had improvement in tinnitus severity after 12 weeks of treatment, as measured by THI score.  
    • TENT-A2 (Trial 2): 91% of compliant trial patients experienced sustained improvement in tinnitus severity when evaluated 12-months post-treatment.
    • TENT-A3 (Trial 3): 70.5% of patients with moderate or worse tinnitus who used Lenire for six weeks had a significant tinnitus reduction when six weeks of sound-only stimulation had little impact.

    83% of 500+ Lenire trial patients would recommend Lenire to treat tinnitus. Real world independent studies are consistent with findings in Lenire’s clinical trials.

  • How do I know if Lenire is suitable for me?

    Your initial tinnitus assessment will determine if Lenire is a suitable treatment option for you or if another treatment is recommended. You can choose an initial tinnitus assessment with one of Òtologie’s Audiologists In-Clinic or Online.

  • How long do I use Lenire for?

    Lenire should be used for two thirty minute sessions per day. These sessions can be back to back. You will be advised during your visits to Òtologie about the treatment plan length but typically initial treatment with Lenire can last at least 10 weeks. We will advise you about continued use of Lenire after your treatment plan is completed.

  • Is Lenire the only treatment device you provide?

    Our team assess your tinnitus to give you more information about your tinnitus and to make the best treatment recommendation for you. We offer other treatments than Lenire. If you’re not suitable for Lenire, we will refer you to another treatment to get the best outcome for you.

  • How many Lenire appointments will I have?

    The number of appointments you have will depend on your treatment plan. Every patient will have an assessment of their tinnitus to ensure Lenire is the right treatment for them. Following that, a fitting appointment lets you get used to using Lenire under the guidance of our clinician before you start treatment from home. We provide up to three follow-up appointments to check your progress with Lenire and provide further guidance about managing your tinnitus.

  • Can Lenire Be Returned?

    Lenire is not a consumer device and, as such, no money back guarantee can be offered. Lenire is a medical device used as part of a treatment plan supervised by a qualified and experienced clinician. Purchase of the device is a single upfront payment. In the event you decide to terminate (cease) treatment, the upfront payment is non-refundable.

  • Does Lenire have a warranty?

    Yes. Lenire comes with a three year warranty. Patients own Lenire after purchase.

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