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Personalised Tinnitus Care

Improve your quality of life with efficient and effective tinnitus treatment.

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Specialist tinnitus care

Trusted Tinnitus Care

Òtologie’s is trusted by thousands of patients. Our clinical team takes the time to understand your tinnitus to create a personalised treatment plan for you.

Òtologie has no waiting lists so you can access proven treatments when you need them online or in-clinic.

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Online Tinnitus Care

Start treatment from the comfort of home. Our technology allows us to provide a high standard of care via video call to patients throughout Europe.

In-Clinic Tinnitus Care

Prefer meeting your clinician face-to-face? Visit our clinic in Dublin for an assessment and start treatment quickly. Book a call with our team to get started.

Lenire® Tinnitus Treatment Device

Learn About Lenire

Patient Stories

Did you have any difficulty using Lenire?

“The device was very easy to use… When I saw it first I was a bit wary but then when I used it, it was very simple. ”

Dorothy, Clinical Trial Participant

Patient Success Stories

How has tinnitus affected you?

“It can be very bad at night-time or in the morning, that’s when it’s at its worst.”

Edward, Clinical Trial Participant

Patient Success Stories

How has Lenire changed your mindset about tinnitus?

“I feel like it’s now something I have control over.”

Hugh, Clinical Trial Participant

Patient Success Stories

Initial Tinnitus Assessments

Learn About Tinnitus Assessments

Hearing Aids for Tinnitus

More About Hearing Aids

Wax Removal for Tinnitus

More Wax Removal Info

Understand Tinnitus

You’re not alone. 10% – 15% of people live with tinnitus.

Man using Lenire
What is Tinnitus?

Tinnitus is the perception of a sound when there is no external source. There is no cure for tinnitus and there are many possible causes and types of tinnitus.

woman having her ear examined
Different Tinnitus Experiences

The experience of tinnitus varies greatly from person to person; what it sounds like, how unpleasant it can be and how much it intrudes on daily life.

Otologie clinical team
Our Personalised Approach

As everyone’s tinnitus is unique, Òtologie provides personalised treatment plans to each patient. Whether your tinnitus is recent or long term, we can help.

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